Saturday, July 7, 2012

Flea Market Madness

So today and tomorrow we were and will be selling at the Flea Market and it's our first time. I'm nervous, mostly because I'm always a bit nervous  before I do something new, but there is a lot that goes into selling. Packing and hauling it all, not forgetting anything, set up and proper inventory and making sure everything is tagged and looks appealing. Then there is the talking with customers, preparing to answer all sorts of questions. Having to be cheerful and friendly even when they are not. Oh I totally forgot we will be dealing with the heat. So yea, yea I'm a little nervous. But I'm also totally excited. Today we are going to be setting up and selling doTERRA essential oils. I freakin' love this company and I always use them over anything else you buy off the shelves. Seriously the best quality I have ever had. We also are adding one of Serenity's artisans soaps. I think we can do really well. If you are into alternative healthy living you have got to try these oils. doTERRA sells a lot more too, they have a natural weight loss program that utilizes essential oil, its called Slim and Sassy. They have soaps, facial products (that I use and love!), diffusers, even shampoos. One of my very favorite thing though is their On Guard line. It's a blend of oils that helps your body fight off illness, it cleans the air, boosts immunity. I seriously think it's the best stuff ever! And it has a spicy kind of a smell that is so so nice. Anyway wish us such great luck today at the Flea Market.

If you are interested in essential oils and have questions email me: If you already love oils and are looking to buy them do so from me of course!!!


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