Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Motivation Spell

'Laziness is not a trait to be admired,
instead give lust to be inspired.
If it is lack of courage or fear the unknown,
light brightly the path and let the way be shown.
Motivation is the gift I give
desire and strength to live.
To live a life of production and passion
with a sound, strong mind and love’s compassion.
Be ye invigorated and spring to action
let no day pass unfulfilled but cease each moment with direct reaction.
May no magick force your way
Be simply inspired this I pray.
Blessed your life may be
and open your eyes to see,
that each day is a gift that we shouldn’t waste
so rise and cease the day with haste.
Good luck and good love I send to you,
and always remember to thyself be true.
With love and light
Blessed ye be.

-Written by
Melanie Grace Hendrix

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