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Witch, Wiccan, Pagan, Heathen, Druid, whatever your path I just hope you enjoy my blog. I'm a practicing witch, though that can mean like five million different things, depends on who you are talking to I guess. But I'm fun loving, passionate, caring and emotional human being that wants to connect and share my story.  I'm a bit more down to earth about my practice than a lot of what I see around me. And I make a lot of stuff, stuff I want to share with others.  But most of all I just hope I can reach someone in some way. Be inspiring or thought provoking or empathetic, just somehow connect in a world where that seems harder and harder to do.

My fiance, Travis, and I run a small metaphysical business. We come from very different backgrounds but find ourselves on a similar path that we are now walking together. He grew up in a small, mountain town in New York and was taught magick and ritual by varying people from the local Native tribe to the Catholic mystic monks. He later studied religion at his University. His knowledge is incredibly vast and his experience blesses our lives greatly.

I was raised primarily in Utah, in a small, Mormon town where I always felt like the outcast. I had two families and my father was a Born Again. So I had a lot of craziness coming at me from all sides. As a child I felt lost, alone and confused, at 15 I had a crisis of faith and set out to what I believed in for myself. I came to some answers and later found friends who practiced Wicca. And with bright shiny eyes and a bright bushy tail I soaked that all in. It fit in with all my own conclusions about energy and God and was just what I needed at the time. Though In college I too studied religion and the Celts. By this point I was looking for more meaning, more deep philosophy then what Wicca, as a religion, was giving me. I found eastern religions and I have been satisfied since. I have branched out into many different magickal paths and practices. Gypsy and folk magick, Yoga, Voodoo/Hoodoo, neo-paganism, Taoism, Zen, spent some great time in sweat lodge and studying with a few Native tribes out west as well. But no matter my embracing or studying or exploring I have always kept a firm earth based magickal practice.

When we finally found each other it brought together the power that each of us needed to pursue our dreams. One of which was to open a metaphysical shop where real items where sold. What I mean by real is items that are hand made, with intent and knowledge and respect. Tools that are made by hands not machines, herbs that are grown with purpose or gathered with knowledge, charms born of magick not of manufacturing. Hand written spells that come from talent and study. We now have a store front in Savannah! It is wonderful and we do love it dearly but as power grows we feel the need to reach further. To connect and serve as best we can to anyone looking for what we have to offer.

We believe that magick is a personal thing, after all that is how it works best of course. And we are not afraid of special orders or unique needs. So please don't be nervous about asking us for something. Between the two of us we can cover a lot of ground and if we cannot ourselves then we will help you connect with someone who can.

My heart is filled with gratitude! May you all have blessings and challenges as you walk your unique path.

Grace, Travis and Serenity

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