Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tell me the mystery of time so I may understand my life

Oh great Father Time why must you tease and taunt me. In all the moments you fly by but then when I'm sad you last forever. I pause for a moment to catch my breath and see another year gone by. Plans that I made that were so far off are now rushing up my doorstep. Everyday we do the same and hope for things to change. Life comes in and out like waves. And I feel like I'm always fighting to catch my breath.

Savannah has proven to be a very difficult place to have a small business. We were doing so well, but the city liaisons office came by one day and made us take down our "OPEN" A frame sign and some little colored flags and pinwheels that we had out in the dirt in front of our shop. Our shop is very difficult to see on its little narrow side street and business over the last two months plummeted. I would do only online if I could as that seems to be a better option for us anyway. It's not the way I dreamed. I think there is something very special about having a real store front. Where people can come and get to know each other, feel they have a safe place in the world, where you can hold merchandise, feel it out and let it call out to you. You simply can't have that experience online. But how they except anyone to make it in this economy with the rents and taxes and insurance and licensing fees and then the city gets to dictate who puts out what kinds of signage. It just feels more impossible everyday.

We haven't decided yet what we are going to do about our shop but something has to change. I pray that I may be able to truly listen to my heart and that the right path will be shown and I pray that I will have the courage to follow it when it does.

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