Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cradle the Moon

So I read an article once, probably on or in a book somewhere, that stated very strongly that a woman's moon cycle (period) is her peak of power. And then we also think/know/feel that when the Moon is full she is at the peak of her power in general. The moon being at its energetic peak when full makes perfect sense and is seen not only by those who follow the natural paths but by the mainstream as well. People who work in police stations say that crime hits a high during the full moon. The ER is always more busy on a full moon. It's seen all over. Energy just raises around the full moon and spirits either lift or get antsy.  Anyway, hearing this bit about female power and the natural moon power I decide to work my body towards having my moon cycle to be exactly on the Full Moon thus maximizing my own personal power to aid in my work. And now it is. yay... Except I don't feel like I've hit this peak of power. I feel like crap. Loosing blood, I feel weak and moody, my back hurts, my cramps make me nearly unable to move, I'm constantly nauseous but if I don't eat it all just gets worse, I cry over everything. It's miserable. The only magick I am freaking practicing is to make a cup of tea and draw my third bath of the day with some essential oil.

The whole bit doesn't make sense! I really love working with correspondence, some people get pretty crazy about this but I try to just be simple and logical about it. So here is my thinking.  A woman's period is a shedding of the uterine wall (I know a lot of men get grossed out when we start talking about it but seriously its natural so deal, xoxo) so we make this nice cushy place for a baby to grow when there is no baby our body flushes it all out. Flushes it all out. That is my point. That's not a creation! That's a cleansing, a form of destroying. So if the Full Moon is the embodiment of peak creation we are not joined with it when on our periods, in my understanding its the opposite. Our peak of creation is actually when we are ovulating and the chance of creating a life, a baby, is strongest. That is when we should be communing with the Full Moon and all her beauty and strength. Our cleansing should be more aligned with the new Moon at its time of destruction. 

So, I'm very interested, what say you?

                                              This is the picture that hangs above my bed!
                                                     My favorite!  Artist- Josephine Wall


  1. I never really thought of it that way, but I certainly do see your point! :) I'm off, but I think I naturally ovulate during the full moon and bleed later...

  2. See I think that's perfect. I've been trying to move mine back but I was on and off the nuva ring and it's screwed everything up.