Thursday, May 31, 2012

"God is in the Rain"

I cannot get enough of this amazing weather (though I think our garden feels a little drowned). We are having some major tropical storms. It down pours for awhile, sun shines for awhile. Sometimes both! Mother Natures pure, raw energy! And it's like the city is getting cleansed (which trust me, it needs it!). I sat at the window for some time last night just gazing out into the rain as it just poured down in heavy sheets. The type of rain that I loved to play in as a child. I can't help but place my hands on my belly. I cannot wait to have my own. Travis and I would like to start trying after the wedding in August. We may not want to raise our kids in Savannah but I hope we stay in Georgia because you just can't beat that amazing Georgia rain!
(However, especially if you read my other blog you will see my contradiction, as such, if it rains this early evening I will be crushed. We have a photo shoot to do for my big Live Steamy project and we already had to reschedule once. And this model leaves town in a few days, so we have to shoot now! So please, please, please around 6:30 tonight on Tybee please be sunny just for that short amount of time.) May have to just throw a bit of intent into that.

Other than that: things at the shop are going well. I worked on my scrapbook spellbooks all day yesterday and by the time Travis came to pick me up my hand was killing me. Hand writing just isn't as common a thing as it used to be. But I made some great headway, especially on the Kitchen spellbooks.
Today I get to stay home! Yay! I have got to work on some Steampunk stuff as these photo shoots are heading on and I'm going to get overwhelmed if I'm not keeping in step. I don't want to loose opportunities because I didn't have stuff ready in time. Plus the shop needs an infusion of new stuff as well. But I'm also going to work on the bone runes! Hopefully by the end of the day I can have all of them carved and ready for the inking.  And as always there are about a hundred or so more things to do today.
 May our blessings pour out into the world all through this day!


  1. Good post! If I can ever get back to my crafting I'll send you some things for the shop. :)

    Those runes are going to be cool.

    1. Thanks babe. And yeah if/when you have stuff I would LOVE to put it up in the shop!

  2. I'm really not trying to be disrespectful--please don't take this that way...but what do you mean by spellbooks? What does that entail? I'm not really familiar with pagan stuff, but I love learning about other cultures and religions and beliefs. It's wiccan, right? Pretty sure the only thing I know about all of that is whatever tidbits I could pick up from random posts and pictures from you on facebook (and myspace, back in the day! lol) I've always been curious about the changes you've made in your life in the last ten years or so...

    1. Oh love I'm not offended at all!
      But it's also kind of big as to what I believe and actually practice. I'll make a post of it I think! But as for the spellbook project: so essentially I'm just assembling different "spells", really this means poems, inspirations and Rituals. We all do rituals in our lives, coming of age, funerals, weddings, family dinners, etc. Often there is some kind of prayer or sermon and what we do is similar. People all across the world seek similar things, we want to feel hopeful and inspirited, we want to feel we are not alone and we need a coping mechanism to deal with our great pain and fear. Spells are just prayers wrapped in different packaging. And I'm just collecting a some from books I have and adding in a few of my own and writing them on pretty paper in a collaboration. I'll talk more about beliefs in my next post.