Monday, June 4, 2012

Witch Wars WTF

I was talking in an online Wiccan chatroom with this very sweet Aussie Witch. We were talking about having babies and she mentioned that she doesn't want to have her own children. Simply flowing with the conversation I carried on with my feelings and supported her on hers. This seemed to shock her a bit and she went on to say that someone had been speaking with her in the chatroom a few months ago and had berated her for not desiring her own children. The woman apparently could not understand how the Aussie Witch could find any kind of inspiration in her life if she were so uncaring and off... I forget the wording exactly but something along the lines of off a sound spiritual path. As the Aussie Witch was typing this story out to me the hurt she felt was nearly palpable. I just felt such sadness for her. And honestly I was angry as well.
There is quite an odd dynamic I have found within alternative spiritual communities of rejection and exclusivity. Here in Savannah I have tried to reach out to the local community, we opened a shop to serve the community, we offered space for gathering, I just kept trying and trying to reach out. And we have begun to form our own from those who have come to the shop and to whom we have been able to offer space and support. But the greater pagan community has been difficult to connect with. And honestly I feel a little shunned. And you know what its bull shit! What is more inspiring than how we treat one another. What connects us more to the natural world then joining with others who care too. We are stronger together then we could ever be apart. So why don't we stand together? Where is our understanding, compassion, love? I see far too much haughtiness, I'm so sick of pedestals and guarded hearts. I understand that so many of us have been hurt by the world, some hurt by our own families, some betrayed by lovers. We have all suffered. But why does that make it ok to shell yourself up and shut out those seeking your love?

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  1. Unfortunately this is very true. I've totally disconnected from meeting people who are pagan or wiccan for this very reason. I was tired of the "clique" or the "better than thou" attitude so many of them have when we should be pulling together.