Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First Post!

Sometimes introductions on sites, such as a first post, drive me nuts. Besides we have an "about" page for that right. So I'm leaving behind the intro and just jumping into what is up with Earth Craft right now.

So the top projects that I'm really excited about are my bone runes. A friend of mine hikes (as much as you can "hike" in Georgia) with his dogs and has found me some great deer bones. I cleaned and soaked them properly and am now carving them into a set of runes! I also made some really awesome quills out of some of the ribs. So I now have all the pieces cut and I'm drilling in the symbols. Then we will paint them with India Ink and lacquer them and all done!

My other big project is I'm having a blast making a scrapbook spellbook. I'm collecting spells and hand writing each on colored paper with stickers and fun things. I love it because its beautiful but also keeps the need to thumb through a million books down to a minimum, when you need a spell its there. I'll also leave some blank pages so that the person can add their own spells or their favorite spells.  When all the pages are done I'll tie it all together with wood and leather and it will be a full on book of spells. I'm making a Kitchen Witches one as well!!

Other than that I'm still waiting to be able to make our handmade paper and I really really want to start making candles. Always so much to do. :)

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