Saturday, June 16, 2012

They are done!!! My first set of bone runes is finally done. And I couldn't be more proud. :D Ta-Da! Geez that project really took me a long time. I'm so excited that all I have to do now is take great pics, post them up and send it out into the ether to find who they were made for. I will be making more but I'm not sure when.

New subject- as I was working on my scrapbook spellbook yesterday I was reading through a handfasting, a Blessingway and a Wiccaning and they were so beautiful. My heart was so full, as wear my eyes. (I tear up over everything) And I just kept thinking I should do this. I can lead ceremonies and make them so beautiful. I have a pretty wide ranging knowledge of beliefs and I can tailor to most. I write my own ritual so I could hand make each one unique to the participants. I earned my High Priestess rank.  I have great experience in setting events and I could make it so beautiful for people. It's pretty easy to get your license to marry people. I could totally do this. And I think I will.

In other news- We are closing our store front in Savannah. It just consumes so much of our time. We want to focus on our online sales and running booths at the flea markets and trade shows and even conventions. My Steampunk line is starting to gain momentum! And our metaphysical stuff is getting noticed too. Not being at the shop every day, all day will give me so much more time to focus on my own work. I'm so sad to let go of the store front and I'm really worried about how we can still support the pagan and new age and craft communities. We want to open up our home, which I would totally Love! I just hope that new people are willing to give that a shot. I think it takes guts for new people to walk into a shop, I think it takes even more guts to go to someones home. But we don't bite, nor do we throw people into ovens. I want to have weekly Witches Tea Time and serve our home grown teas from our garden herbs and sit around with witchy people gabbering away. I want to make spells for people on the spot, I want to have our tarot reader come over and offer his guidance. I could even get back into my scrying and do past life work. I want to put a sign out in the garden "The Witch Is In" so people know we are open. Oh it could be so much fun!!

The funny thing though was that before we had even made the final decision about closing the store front, the day Travis and I had decided it was going to happen but we hadn't worked out the details and we surly hadn't announced it yet, we got so many metaphysical customers that day. We have never had more the a few come in in one day until then. It was very interesting. Once again I am reminded that the Universe is awesome!

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  1. They're beautiful! Sorry about the storefront, but yay that you'll have more time to work on your stuff!