Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Feeling Betrayed

I know that we have a culture of anthropomorphizing to the point of pure ridiculousness. We attribute everything with human emotions, personality, character traits. We anthropomorphize our world, elements, objects, even God and most especially our pets. Which is fine, humans are just that way I guess. Maybe its just how we relate to things in a personal way. Making everything more like us, more like something we can understand.

So last night we had to bathe my cats because they got fleas. It's an awful experience. Well the bathing of course becuase they are cats but also the fleas! They have never had them before. I let Astarte come outside with us when we are gardening, or might I say I used to let her outside. Bathing Astarte wasn't so bad. She put up minimal fight and didn't even cry that much.
Erzulie however is the tough one. She's nearly screaming the whole way through, meowing and crying and carrying on like she's being murdered. She will thrash and fight and nearly make herself drown in the whole one inch of water. And we are just trying so hard to help her, to get these awful awful bugs off of her. It took about half an hour and everyone had totally had enough (Astarte had taken 30 min. before her as well). Zu was squirming and I was holding her gently around her shoulders and front legs when she got her mouth around my finger and bit the living shit out of me.

Erzulie has been mad at me, and she has put her teeth on my skin but she has never ever bitten me. It was bad, I have several light marks and seven deep puncture wounds. She bit down to the bone and one right in the knuckle. My finger is all sorts of swollen still. We took her out of the bath and wrapped her in a towel like a baby. I held her on the soaking bathroom floor and I just cried. I know it was silly but I felt so betrayed. She's never bitten me before. It wasn't just that of course, things built up, a lot of stress and whatnot and then the fleas and all. But I did feel so very hurt.


  1. Make sure to clean it really well. I had a vet or doctor or something explain that cat mouths are some of the most disease spreading because they're so dirty. It could get infected really easily.

    I'm sure she was just really scared, and didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I'm sorry she did though, I know how that can be.

    My cat has an ulcer in her mouth again and I can't get her to eat to take her medicine. SO I wrapped her up in a towel and tried to force it into her mouth, which didn't work because of her mouth hurting-she wouldn't let me in! So she hid under the bed and wouldn't come out to say goodbye or let me love on her. I'm sure she felt betrayed by me, and I didn't mean to. :( I was only trying to help.

    1. It's so hard that you can't just tell them and have them understand. But yea I know cat's mouths are awful and it is a little infected, but lots of water, keeping it clean and using my amazing Grapefruit seed extract will heal it right up. I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. Was it Emma?

    2. No, Pumpkin. Crazy cat. I am taking her in Saturday to get a second steroid shot so she will hopefully start eating so she can take her antibiotics again. I feel so bad for her, her hair is falling out and she is getting really skinny!