Sunday, July 15, 2012

What's in the works?

I haven't posted about my projects in awhile so let's see what's going on lately. Mostly I've been working on my Steampunk stuff and my craft has been a little neglected. But I have worked a bit on my Scrapbook Spellbook. Which I'm going to make a Steampunk one of that too. Aahh, silly. But fun. However the witchy ones I'm doing completely by hand whereas the steampunk one will be done mostly on the computer. Doing each of these pages by hand takes forever! But there is no denying that it will be completely amazing! (if I do say so myself)

Other than that we have been working on our website and just trying to find a new groove after the closing of the shop. We started doing the flea market on the weekends, Travis really likes it... I'm... not so convinced yet but we will see. It seems difficult to connect with people, get people to find us. And we really want to start have an open forum Witchy day at the house where people can just come get to know each other, trade their wares or buy what they need.

I've also just been working on getting stuff photographed to put up on etsy and our website, btw url is

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  1. I found all of mine the other day... How sweet! :)