Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We Have a WINNER!

Angie Golish has won the Lavender and Coconut Oil Giveaway!! Congratulations!! I hope you enjoy the amazing benefits of this amazing essential oil.

If you didn't win it will be ok, I promise. Earth Craft loves this giveaway thing and we will continue to sponsor them.  So stay tuned and stay involved. And if you want to know more about changing your life by using essential oils and other healthier choices please feel free to email me:
You can also order doTERRA oils at


  1. Woohoo, thanks so much lovely! Can't wait!

  2. Oh goodness--I just love doTERRA. I've been stocking up on my "labor/delivery oils" wish list lately. The only thing I was missing was Helichrysum, but it's PRICEY - so I figured I'll just have to do without....until my awesome sister in law decided to get it for me as a baby gift. HOLY CRAP! I'm stoked.

    1. Oh that's great!! Yea doTERRA freaking rocks.