Sunday, June 10, 2012

Strawberry of Happiness

'Small strawberry of happiness,
lend me your love today.
Ease my heart and troubled mind,
shine light upon my way.

Help me see the colors bright,
a world of God's love.
Show to me the beauty
with the soft grace of a dove.

Strawberry of happiness,
bring me back to peace.
Make my smile warm and bright,
and all my worries cease.

I thank you for your blessing,
kept in my heart to stay.
My light shines to the world,
all throughout this day.

by me, Melanie Grace

Just needed a little boost today. I wrote this spell to go along with some ceramic strawberries that I had gotten from Angie and was painting. I turned them into magnets and a few into hat pins but the spell is the most important part.

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