Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Shop

So when we started a shop the original idea was to open a metaphysical shop that sold real stuff. Not "real" as in this is the right way to do something eeennnn. But real as in hand made, hand crafted, hand grown, hand gathered, hand mined, or hand picked. We wanted to create community and when someone asked where does this come from or what is this made of we would be able to tell them. Because when you are dealing with energies that kind of thing mattered. We promised (with the exception of books and what not) that we would never buy anything online in bulk. But doing merchandise like that takes a good amount of time and our magick items were growing but always slowly. The time that the shop required was ridiculous and I felt like I never had time or energy to do my art and other work. Deciding to let go of the store front and focus on online and holding events and gatherings was both a loss and a relief. But our top priority for the last few weeks was to find someone who would take over our lease or else we would be fined a penalty. I sent out an add with a blessing and we got a few interested people but among them was a psychic who wants to set up a wonderful place to do readings and to sell metaphysical merchandise. She is wonderful and I am so excited that the space is going to be used for what we had always intended for it. And I feel so much better about having something available to support the community. And if she would like us to Earth Craft will still be selling our herbs, oils and other work through her. I'm very happy.
Fresh Herbs from our garden!

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