Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Good Witch, Healthy Witch

So because I really am lazy and its so much easier to eat taco bell and watch a show than it is to wake up early make a healthy lunch and get in some exercise before going to open the shop I've gotten pretty out of shape the last little while. But I really believe that if you don't have your health you really don't have much at all. And my wedding is coming up! Gah! The last thing I want is to be worried about whether my arms are looking fat or not. So I have started, slowly but surly, getting back to making my life more health conscious.
A friend on facebook was raving about this simple trick; wake up in the morning and drink a glass of water before anything else. So I've done that for the last 5 days and I love it. First off it really helps me stay hydrated, as before I was drinking a glass of juice in the morning (sugar) and then by the end of the day I'm like aw crap I haven't had enough water and I start guzzling just before bed and wake up earlier then I wanted to about to pop. That seems like a crappy cycle. So now I drink water, without ice, soon as I'm up and about. It's an easy and comforting first thing for my stomach. And I've kept really hydrated the last several days because it gives me a good kick off. And I've also done my yoga and prayers the last 3 mornings! (I'm really bad about skimping on my yoga and prayers)
Yesterday I not only did my yoga but I also flipped on the Wii and played some Sports Resort. I'm sore as hell now but it felt so good to get up and be active in the morning.
I feel good, and I love love love feeling good. :)

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